In China, Nan Tong Sinfo Food Co., Ltd (SINFO) is the only food (seaweed) factory that meets pharmaceutical standards and has passed ISO22000, HACCP, BRC, FDA, and HALAL certifications.
SINFO’s products include roasted seaweed, seaweed roll, onigiri nori, sliced seaweed,, seaweed little squares,seaweed powder etc.
The factory is located in the main producing area of seaweed in China, covering an area of 6,660 square meters and a workshop of 9,000 square meters.
The garden-style factory has 3 roasted seaweed production lines, an onigiri nori production line, four sushi roll lines and a sliced seaweed production line.
All key production equipment was imported from Japan. In the past 30 years,
SINFO’s products have been sold all over the world.
Customized production is acceptable, and the delivery can be finished within three days.
From sea-farming to production
All the products are strictly picked and finally become high- quality roasted sushi seaweed.
The hand-selected qualified roasted seaweed is placed on the sushi roll for the table, first connected by automatic equipment. After cutting through the automatic knife edge, it is finally detected by metal and slowly rolled up automatically,contraction and compression. There are four specifications-Full size,5cm,7cm,10cm.
Onigiri nori
The automatic onigiri nori equipment imported from Japan has the advantages of good seaweed quality,sensitive response and low breakage rate. Each piece is individually packaged, and the outer roll film packaging can be customized.
Our production can satisfy the demand for family, it may be a good choice for tourist snack and leisurefood in daily life. We have various products and you can find the one you want!
Where the nori raw materials are planted is located in the two state nature reserves.As one of the purest and the most enriched regions, it provides us with high-quality nori.
The technology and equipment of production are separately imported from different countries and district. We have professional R&D team and management.