How To Choose The Balancing Machine Of Small Skills

Posted on 2018-06-29
When you want to buy a drive shaft Balancing Machine, you may be puzzled by the variety of Balancing Machines on the market and the price difference. Even if you have used a multi-year Balancing Machine, It is clear that they are the real difference.If you only listen to the manufacturers of the introduction, it may be expensive to buy a Balancing Machine is not suitable for their own today we will introduce a simple look at the Balancing Machine some small tips it
1, the impact of high and low factors
As all manufacturers have adopted microcomputer technology, technology has been very mature, the electronic measurement part of the error has been minimal, the accuracy of the drive shaft Balancing Machine and the electronic part of the relationship has been very small, and the main influencing factors are two, Shaft and Balancing Machine connection .2, Balancing Machine machine spindle machining accuracy.
2, the impact of weight loss factors
If the weight loss rate of the Balancing Machine is relatively high, you can use a smaller number of turns to complete the Balancing Machine, work fast. Weight loss rate of the influencing factors are: 1, the Balancing Machine of the calibration is accurate .2, Balancing Machine block weight and position is accurate .3, the transmission shaft cross shaft and telescopic sliding key gap size.
3, low speed and high speed
The use of soft support of the Balancing Machine, the speed must reach more than 3 times the resonant speed to detect (the higher the speed the higher the weight loss), so generally use a higher speed. Hard support of the Balancing Machine, the speed must be in the resonant speed 3 times the following can work, so generally use a lower speed (especially heavy drive shaft.) The speed of the sensor is also used with the sensitivity of the sensor, if the use of high sensitivity sensor, you can use a lower speed. Maintenance industry, if the use of lower speed, the driver will often doubt the Balancing Machine of the effect, so there is a trend to improve the speed in the Balancing Machine of heavy drive shaft, the hard support Balancing Machine machine speed is generally low, the driver is easy to doubt the effect of Balancing Machine , Which led to the sale of the soft support Balancing Machine machine.When you buy the Balancing Machine machine, do not ask the machine to achieve how high the speed, we must ask clearly Balancing Machine the Steyr and other large drive shaft can reach the speed.
4, digital display and watt table display
The performance of the Balancing Machine is basically unrelated to the display method, but the digital display is not only intuitive, but also highly reliable, not easy to damage, but also provide some very useful additional features, so the digital display is the mainstream direction.Watt table display method will gradually withdraw Market, there are also Balancing Machines using computer monitors, the only advantage is that it is more stylish, suitable for large users, but its complexity is much higher times, so the reliability will be significantly reduced (the more complex things more easily Fault), small users should avoid selection.
5, the weight of the base
It should be said, no matter what the Balancing Machine machine, the greater the better the weight of the base, but need to point out that the weight of the base of the Balancing Machine accuracy has no effect, it is mainly affect the weight loss rate in the same effect, the soft support Balancing Machine The base of the machine can be reduced several times faster than the hard support, and now the cost of the base occupies a large proportion of the total cost of the Balancing Machine, so you should prefer the soft support Balancing Machiner when you are concerned about the price.
6, low prices and high prices
The price of the drive shaft Balancing Machiner has a large gap, and the high price products generally have a stylish appearance and excellent performance, suitable for use in the drive shaft manufacturer. In the low-priced products, the situation is more complicated, but not the price Sometimes you may buy a counter Balancing Machined machine at a higher price. In order not to spend money to buy regret, you should find a few people who use different types of Balancing Machines, consult them The use of experience. Do more contrast, and then make a decision.