Performance Characteristics Of Turbine Balancing Machines

Posted on 2018-06-28
Turbine Balancing Machines is a kind of Turbine Balancing Machines equipped with belt belt, with balanced precision, high efficiency, easy broadband disassembly, etc., is widely used in electric tools, ventilation equipment, machine tools and other parts of the balance correction in the Turbine Balancing Machines use, has two major performance, the following let everyone with a small tape together to understand the next.
1, the highest detection capability.
As a development, the production and selection of Turbine Balancing Machiness, first of all depends on whether the machine can meet the requirements of the balance object.For example, the balance of the workpiece requirements can be balanced to 0.5u, then the dynamic Turbine Balancing Machines should be able to detect 0.5u The following unbalance to meet the requirements, that is, the highest detection capacity should be 0.5u, we refer to this indicator as the minimum detection of dynamic Turbine Balancing Machines, recorded as e. (U), for some special dynamic Turbine Balancing Machines, also Can be expressed in terms of weight.
2, balance efficiency
For a Turbine Balancing Machines, it is not only required to have a certain detection capability, but also hope that its balance efficiency is also good; otherwise even if the minimum detection of small, but the balance of a rotor to spend a lot of time, it is not good enough In other words, there should be a limit to the indication error, according to this indicator, can be calculated in accordance with its instructions to correct the degree of unbalance after the reduction.
Turbine balance motor balance test and counterweight process to have a sense of safety, in addition to equipment, equipment safety, personnel safety is particularly important, the user should care for themselves, love property, to prevent the emergence of accidents.
When the turbine balancer is not in use, it should be returned to the box and stored in a dry environment. In the high humidity environment, the desiccant desiccant should be added to the storage tank, and the necessary ventilation and moisture treatment should be applied before application. Do not let the magnetic sucker open for a long time. It is recommended that both sides after the suction and then back into the box. But also to prevent the impact of falling or throwing off the loss of magnetic.
Before use, the turbine balancer should use clean cotton or toilet paper to clean the light and light receiving part of the photoelectric head to prevent fouling and reduce the possibility of speed pulse generation. All cable connectors have been anti-pull processing, the cable itself can not be repeated hard bending, or strong stretch, resulting in internal lead wire break. When placing the cable, it is necessary to prevent heavy objects from crushing and tipping.
Cable and sensor or host connector head where the most likely to malfunction, Turbine Balancing Machines using the internal battery, when the power shortage (<6.5V), the front panel backlight will not light, prompt the user to quickly charge.
Turbine Balancing Machines is a kind of Turbine Balancing Machines, as a mechanical instrument, in use, in order to be able to better extend the life of life, pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the machine, then the use of time to pay attention to what aspects, and How to carry out the maintenance of the following look at the introduction of small series.
1. Cleaning: To keep the Turbine Balancing Machines clean, the rail surface should be kept clean, and often oil rust. Support block or roller surface should be kept clean, not allowed to stick iron filings, dust debris, before each work should be wiped Net support block or roller and rotor journal, plus a little oil.
2. The use of electricity measuring box: the electrical box is a key component of the Turbine Balancing Machines, must prevent vibration and moisture, should be properly kept after the work should be turned off the electrical box switch.Electronic box if not used for a long time, then Should be preheated on a regular basis a few hours.Electrometer panel all the knobs and switches on the board shall not be free to stop, so as not to damage the components and bring measurement errors.
3. The lens of the photoelectric lens: The lens glass should always wipe the outer surface of the lens with a mirror paper or a mirror cloth to keep it clean. Do not wipe the mirror with an oily yarn or dirty cloth.
Turbine Balancing Machines is a sophisticated testing equipment, should be responsible for the custody and operation. In the use of time to pay attention to careful protection and maintenance, making the use of the instrument under the premise of increasing the use of life and safety.